Shelter for women and children in crisis Serving the Interlake and North Eastman regions of Manitoba

24/7 No charge province-wide crisis line1-877-977-0007

Local crisis line (204) 482-1200

(these numbers will not show up on your call display or phone bill)

Administration line (204) 482-7882, please see below for additional contact information.

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Member of the Manitoba Association of Women’s Shelters

NOVA HOUSE version II!

Anna Pazdzierski,¬†Executive Director of Nova House, “Huge thanks to everyone who helped to make the new shelter possible.”

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24 hour-Toll Free Crisis Line:
Local Crisis Line:
(204) 482-1200
Administration Line:
(204) 482-7882
Fax Line:
(204) 482-8483
Administration email:
Mailing Address:
Nova House
Box 337 Selkirk, Manitoba
R1A 2B3

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