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Who We Are

Who We Are

Nova House is an emergency and transitional shelter for individuals with or without children experiencing Intimate Partner (domestic violence) and/or Family Violence. We offer 24 hour, 7 day a week accommodations to help support and empower a life free from all forms of abuse. We strive to promote and build self-esteem and confidence by providing individual counselling, life skills, coaching, and educational workshops.  

We are dedicated to providing all persons who identify as women shelter and support, so that they can take the steps they need to end the violence in their lives.  

Although our Shelter can only accommodate women and children, those seeking support and shelter who do not identify as women, will be provided off-site accommodations. 

Our History

Our History

The Selkirk Co-op on Abuse Against Women Inc., later known as NOVA HOUSE INC., was incorporated on March 27, 1985.  We extend our appreciation to the women who saw a need and took the steps necessary to incorporate – Lorna Nash, Doreen Cooper-Thomas, Cheryl Kaziw, Marilyn Randle and Marlene Sandison.  In August of 1986, a new group of volunteers took on the task of ensuring that the services to abused women and children would continue – Phyllis Bergmann, Helen Mels, Linda Hudye-Eblie, Emily Duguid and Vi Henkewich became the Board of Directors.  It was also at this time that Waltraud Grieger volunteered for the organization and was offered the position of Executive Director, to pursue permanent funding for the Selkirk Cooperative on Abuse Against Women Inc.


Our beginning was humble - we worked out of a small office on Manitoba Avenue.  We quickly realized the small space was not big enough, was not able to provide confidentiality for the women using our services, and most important, it was difficult to house and operate a crisis line at this location.  Our next move was to Main Street, where we were able to rent space for individual and group counselling and house the volunteer operated crisis line. 


The vision of the Board of Directors and the Executive Director led the Selkirk Cooperative on Abuse Against Women on a new path to pursue the acquisition of a facility that would allow the provision of residential services including short term crisis accommodation, individual and group counselling, a crisis line service and referrals to appropriate community resources.  This was no easy task, but women have a proven record of taking on the impossible and making it happen.  The timing could not have been better - a new courthouse was being built and several houses were being moved to make room for the new facility.  A house was purchased for one dollar and with the cooperation of Manitoba Housing, NOVA HOUSE INC. was opened on March 15, 1987.  We were now able to provide a continuum of services to abused women and children in the Interlake Region.  Our grand opening was on August 5, 1987.


Although awareness and education were provided, the need for services increased and we negotiated an addition to the existing shelter, but we still had limited space for non-residential services, counselling and groups.  It was time to look at moving into a larger space.  Through the

cooperation of Manitoba Housing, the Provincial and Federal governments, we moved into a larger house on Vaughn Street in October of 1994. 


While the new facility served us well, over time the space proved to be inadequate and in high need of repair.  The Board of Directors decided to pursue a larger facility and began a capital campaign and fundraising venture that would last more than a year.  Again, with the support of the Provincial and Federal governments, and so many other funders we met our fundraising goal and the City of Selkirk provided property for a larger shelter to be built in a new location.


The structure took a year to finish and in May 2017 we moved into our new facility, continuing to offer residential and non-residential emergency services, and for the first-time long-term transitional services.  Nova House is a place of serenity, peace and genuine caring, for women and children who want to be free from abuse.  We recognize and strive towards a goal of ensuring that our shelter can meet the unique needs of every client in a way that empowers them and start their healing process.


NOVA HOUSE also manages one interim housing unit in the Selkirk area that provide temporary housing for women and their children when they leave the shelter but are not ready to set up independent living within the community or are waiting for safe and stable housing.  We are also able to provide off site residential care for male individuals who need support.


In addition to the Nova House Shelter we operate a second-hand thrift store in the City of Selkirk called Twice Over.  The profits of Twice Over are used to support the programming at Nova House.  The store itself is run by one staff person who utilizes the help of volunteers and the occasional temporary summer student. Many donations that come to Nova House go directly to Twice Over.  Women and children who need our services are given a voucher so that they can shop for free and choose the items they need. Click here to learn more about Twice Over.


  • A 24 hour, 7 days a week crisis line

  • Safe and secure short term emergency accommodations for abused women and their children

  • Individual short and long term counselling

  • One on one counselling for women struggling to maintain healthy relationships

  • Assistance in accessing community resources

  • Weekly support groups to encourage women to share, heal, and grow as individuals

  • Individual and group work with Children/Youth

  • Follow-up programs and ongoing support

  • Outreach / Non-Residential Services

  • Presentations for schools, agencies, or community organizations that provide information about abuse and services for abused individuals and their children


Children who have witnessed violence in the home often have feelings of sadness, anger, confusion, and guilt. The goal of the children’s program is to listen and provide support for children and to help them understand their feelings.


  • A safe environment

  • Individual counselling

  • Children’s groups – counselling and fun activities

  • Age appropriate information for children about domestic violence

  • Activities that promote   building self esteem, and  confidence

  • Tools to maintain healthy relationships that promote living a life free from abuse

  • Referrals to community resources

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