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Our Vision

Helping to build a society that empowers people to live a

life free from abuse.

Our Mission

Nova House provides individuals and families with shelter and supportive services designed to intervene

in the cycle of abuse. 

Nova House promotes awareness through outreach services about all forms of abuse in families and/or intimate partner relationships.

Our Goals
  • To provide a first line of response that offers shelter and supportive services to individuals and their children experiencing family and/or intimate partner abuse

  • To offer comprehensive programming, safety planning, and referral services to help bridge the gap between leaving an unhealthy relationship and rebuilding a life free from abuse

  • To raise awareness in our community about all forms of family and intimate partner abuse, and the devastating impact it has on individuals and their children

  • To help build a strong community that fosters collaboration and a shared service delivery by offering a full continuum of care for individuals and families recovering from abusive relationships

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