We are taking every precaution to keep our staff and clients safe and healthy, following the guidelines outlined by the health authorities.

Our Services

We have trained Protection Order Designates (POD) to assist with the preparation and filing of protection orders. 

*All of our services are free and confidential.

*Although our language states "women" our services are provided to all individuals and therefore may be off-site

For more information regarding our programming and services, please call our administration line at

1-204-482-7882 or email us at info@novahouse.ca


24/7 No-Charge Crisis Line   and  24 hour monitored Texting Line

We provide immediate help to individuals and families in crisis of domestic and/or family violence. Our trained staff can help you determine if you or someone you know is in an abusive relationship and connect you with the appropriate resources. Call or text us anytime, toll-free.






204-805-NOVA (6682)

We are here to help you. Call now if you need us and let us know how we can help.


Residential Program

  • Safe and secure short-term accommodations for abused women and their children

  • Individual short- and long-term counselling

  • Full and comprehensive support and educational groups and workshops

  • Assistance in accessing community resources

  • Activities that promote expression of feeling and the building of self-esteem and healthy relationships

  • Parenting  workshops

  • Life skills


Children, Youth, and Parenting Programs

Children and youth  who have witnessed violence in the home often have feelings of sadness, anger, confusion, and guilt. The goal of the children and youth program is to listen and provide support for children and to help them understand their feelings.  The goal of the parenting program is to help provide the bridge often needed to help repair trust and understanding between a parent and child that may have been lost in the chaos of living with abuse.

We Offer:

  • A safe and supportive environment

  • Individual children's / youth counselling

  • Art expression

  • Children’s groups and fun activities

  • Youth groups, after school programs

  • Age appropriate information for children about domestic violence

  • Activities that promote expression of feelings and the building of self esteem

  • Parent and child programming 

  • Parent and child workshops

  • Family and Parenting Counselling

  • Life skills building for parent and child


RISE Program






ndependence  &



Our RISE program is a residential follow-up program designed to support those women and children in need of long-term support. While many women come to Nova House for short-term support, others may have less opportunity and access to external supports. The RISE Program at Nova House provides longer-term transitional housing and programming to help and support women learning how to live a life free from abuse. 

The RISE program is aimed towards assisting women by providing a wide range of  support services, build life skills and programming that includes life coaching.  Our programs encourage independence, self-esteem,  and help to build confidence. We also provide workshops and training toward a better education, job development, and self-sufficiency. 

Services our RISE Program offers:

  • Childcare

  • Parent and child well-being

  • Counselling

  • Support groups

  • Educational workshops

  • Art therapy

  • Life coaching / planning

  • Life Skills

  • Job skills and development

  • Work experience


Interim Housing

Nova House has one interim housing unit in the community that helps us provide safe accommodation and continued support and programming once our Residential Program is complete, but safe housing is not yet available. 


Outreach Services  and Non-Residential Support

Nova House offers both FOLLOW-UP support  for those who have left our emergency and RISE programs, and OUTREACH SERVICES for individuals, families, and organizations in the community seeking support.

Follow-Up Support

  • Counselling

  • Life Skills 

  • Educational workshops

  • Referrals

  • Advocacy

  • Safety planning

  • Home visits

Outreach Program

  • Counselling - In person, Phone, Virtual

  • Referrals

  • Advocacy

  • Safety planning

  • Home visits

  • Community visits

  • Presentations and educational workshops

Virtual Outreach


In an effort to keep up with the growing need for virtual support, Nova House has developed a virtual component to its Outreach Program.  For those in need of counselling and support but cannot connect in person. Our Outreach Coordinator can connect and work with individuals over the phone, using facetime, zoom, teams etc.. 


The Outreach Coordinator also facilitates different workshop series and other individual workshops for individuals or groups looking to connect and learn more about various topics such as the cycle of abuse, healthy relationships, safety planning,  and more. 

To sign up for one of our workshops please contact the Outreach Coordinator directly at

outreach@novahouse.ca or by calling 204-482-7882  ext. 449