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November is Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Each year, family violence shelters in Manitoba, including Nova House, assist thousands of women and children who are fleeing domestic and/or family violence. 

Those in need sometimes arrive ar the shelter with just the clothes on their backs. Nova House is a domestic/family shelter that serves the Interlake and North Eastman region of Manitoba, working to give those families more. We are asking for  your support in out Power of the PJ's Campaign. 

From November 1-30, you can drop off new pajamas, slippers, t-shirts, sweatpants, and loungewear at any of the following locations in Selkirk ad the surrounding areas:


Twice Over Thrift Store, 214 Manitoba Ave

Packer's Women's Fashion, 409 Main Street

Aaron's No Frills, 366 Main Street

Bella Ragazza Boutique, 63B Main Street (Apologies for the typo in the graphic above)

St Andrews

Harry's Foods, 5571 Hwy#9


Network 4 Change, 92 Third Street

You can also suuport this campaign by donating financially, if you are able to.Donations can be made in the following ways:

Directly on our website, by pressing this button: 

E-transfer sent to:

Or mailed to:

Box 337

Selkirk, MB

R1A 2B3

For more information on how to support Nova House and our Power of the PJ's campaign, please do not hesitate to contact us at 204-482-7882.

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Helping to bring awareness to Victims and Survivors of Crime Awareness week our Annual Community Wellness Day was another HUGE success.  We first want to thank our generous funder, Justice Canada, who helped make this day possible for our community.


A very special thank you must go out to our AMAZING staff and volunteers who put together such a fabulous day.  And we would be amiss without recognizing the great collaboration from all of the community agencies who participated in our event (see below).  With the theme this year set as THE POWER OF COLLABORATION, we nailed it.

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Thank you banner womens day 2022.jpg


At the beginning of the COVID pandemic, many women and children in the shelter had limited things to do.  One of the activities they worked on was to create a custom tumbler.   After choosing a plain tumbler, they decided on what design and decal they wanted and got started.   Once they finished their designs the cups went for an epoxy finish so they could use them for years to come.  The final results were amazing.  



In recognition of Victims and Survivors of Crime Week, Nova House’s Annual Women’s Wellness Day 2019 was an absolute success! This year we had 240 woman and children attend our event, which makes this year the biggest turn out yet! We had over 30 amazing service providers from the community who shared their resources and services.


Great giveaway products, community resources, and self-care stations were set up for the women to enjoy, while our amazing volunteers in pink helped with children so moms could enjoy some well deserved pampering.

The theme of this year's Victims and Survivors of Crime Week was “Power of Collaboration.” Nova House recognized this theme with a fun activity project that required the efforts of a everyone who attended the event participate in. Throughout the day we asked attendees to draw a picture on simple green, purple, and pink squares and when finished the picture was added to a large grid. Through teamwork and collaboration throughout the day we turned simple square sheets of paper into a beautiful butterfly.

“Over the past three decades, Canada has made significant advances within the criminal justice system and victim services field to increase collaboration to ensure that the system is responsive to the various needs of victims of crime;

There is a continued need within the criminal justice system and victim services field for increased cross-sector collaboration, as well as enhanced coordination, partnerships, and multi-disciplinary responses to better support victims; 

More can always be done to address gaps in the continuum of services and to break down barriers for better access to the meaningful supports that victims depend on throughout the criminal justice process.”


If you are interested in learning more about Victims and Survivors of Crime week, please visit their website here

This event would not be possible without the amazing community support and incredible volunteers. If you are interested in participating in this amazing event next year, please email us at so we can add to add you to our list.


This year's event would not be possible without the funding from the Department of Justice Canada. Thank you!

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